Vehicle Shipping To And From New York With Cobalt Auto


Heading to New York? Need to get your car, truck, or motorcycle transported quickly? Go with the best in the business, use the reliable shipping of Cobalt Auto Services.

Why choose Cobalt? We have years of experience moving all sorts of vehicles across the country, and even internationally through our extensive partner network. We guarantee that you’ll likedelivering car shipments on NY highway our responsive customer service, fast quote time, and personalized service.

It doesn’t matter if you’re getting your car into NYC or heading upstate to Syracuse, Ithaca, Rochester, or anywhere else in New York. Cobalt has you covered – literally; if you’re in need of enclosed transport for your car we can arrange that as well! Visit our site today to find out more about NY car shipping:

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New York Car Shipping Tips

  • Know what the weather will be like when you arrive or are having your vehicle picked up. The state is home to a wide range of weather and depending on the season it could be hot and humid to nearly blizzard like conditions – knowing what you’re getting into will make the transition much easier.
  • Prepare for the road conditions. The roads in the state can take a toll on your vehicle. Be sure to have your car or truck looked over and get any small mechanical issues taken care of. It’s easier to do it now than to wait until you arrive and then have something go wrong!
  • Remove personal belongings prior to transport. Take out all personal belongings and remove any add ons to the car such as bike racks and anything that extends past the “normal” dimensions of your vehicle. This will ensure safe transport of your vehicle and those around it.

When you are ready to go, call us toll free at 855-242-8090, or visit the website and get your free personalized shipping quote today:


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